Story of a distillery, story of a dream

In 2006, Yves Assier de Pompignan embarked on a bold and inspiring venture to establish a new rum distillery that would reflect both the heritage and the wealth of the West Indies.

The acquisition of the Habitation du Simon, his deep-rooted affection for Martinique, and the expertise of an entire team enabled him to create a brand of rum that meets the highest standards of excellence, combining tradition and innovation.

From dream to reality

Ageing cellar

In 2010, the project was launched and the selection of the finest aged rums for our blends began. A laboratory and an ageing cellar equipped with a tun (a large capacity wooden barrel) originally used to mature Cognac were installed at the Habitation du Simon. Our first selections, aged between 6 and 11 years at the time, were returned for maturation in our 320-litre French oak barrels.

Innovative distillation

Meanwhile, our commitment to finding an innovative, qualitative, and traditional distillation solution led us to select a Charente copper still, fitted with a seven-plate column. Fermenting vats with controlled temperature and allowing long periods of fermentation were selected to produce wines with strong aromatic potential.

Passion and patience.

Administrative procedures, long and tedious, culminated on December 31, 2015, with the authorization to open the first distillery in Martinique in decades, dedicated to the production of Rhum Agricole.

Construction of the rum distillery began in a former 18th-century sugar purgery located at the heart of the estate. The Main House was also renovated to welcome our visitors in an outstanding setting for exclusive tours and tastings.

After 10 years of learning and envisioning,

the brand new A1710 distillery is finally inaugurated at Habitation du Simon.

The adventure goes on.

In 2023, A1710’s quest for constant innovation led the team to successfully install a second copper still.
A nearly identical replica of the original coper still from 2015.
Custom-made and freshly assembled in Martinique, this copper still pushes the boundaries of aromatic excellence and the quality of A1710 rums.
Following the same principle as Belle Aline, the newly introduced Douce Alice combines a Charentais copper still with a Creole colum.
The cane wine will continue its ritual of double distillation. The possibilities for innovation and blending are endless.