5 days & 4 nights stay


4 days & 3 nights stay

Stays from Sunday to Thursday or Monday to Friday

Rum making will no longer hold any secrets for you once the week is over! You will have experienced all the stages involved in the creation of rum, from hand cutting the cane to dressing the bottle.

Day 1

A member of the A1710 distillery will meet you upon arrival at the airport, and drive you to either the Habitation du Simon or La Coulée d’Or, depending on your choice of rental. Alternatively, you will be met and assisted in collecting your hire car. After settling in, take a breather and enjoy a ‘ti-punch’ cocktail and unwind in your own private pool.

If you are already in Martinique, your stay will start straight on day 2.

Day 2

The following morning at 7:30 a.m. – don’t worry, we go to bed early in Martinique to make the most of the day as soon as the sun rises – wearing your ‘Bakoua’ hat and armed with your machete, set off with Pascal and Andy, our cane cutters, and learn the ancestral sugarcane harvesting techniques and how to tie the canes into bundles.

On the way back, help press the harvested cane to extract the much coveted ‘vesou’, the cane juice resulting from the first press.

At lunchtime, discover Creole cuisine in one of the many neighbouring restaurants or enjoy a meal under your veranda. During the afternoon, ocean enthusiasts can swim to their heart’s content along one of the splendid southern beaches.

Day 3

The following day, at 10:30 a.m., set out to explore the Habitation du Simon, its garden, the production path, including our rum distillery (fermentation and distillation site), the ageing cellar, our organic plot and our mill.

After this visit, partake in a tasting session with Cédric Paviot, the Cellar Master, who will reveal the secrets of tasting spirits to you, and more specifically those relating to rum. Cédric will also explain how to train your palate to recognise the different aromas found in rums.

In the afternoon, take in Martinique, discover the ‘fonds blancs’, the ‘îlets du François’ and the ‘baignoire de Joséphine’, all these sites are located only a short boat trip away. The tennis court of the Habitation du Simon is also available for our sportier guests.

Day 4

The next day, at 8:30 a.m., enjoy the quieter yet important job of packaging the rum bottles. Wax and dress the bottles or decanters containing our A1710 rums with the help and supervision of Nadine. This is also when you will get to choose the colour of the wax for your vintage and the name to be engraved on the bottle.

In the afternoon follow us to explore the northern part of the island and its unexpected treasures.

Day 5

Friday constitutes the most important day in the process of elaborating your rum. Participate in the distillation of your very own vintage under the supervision of Joël, our Master Distiller and operator of our still ‘La Belle Aline’.

Once the ‘pouring’ stage is completed, he will explain the cellar work to be carried out during the weeks following this distillation.

Within six to eight months, you will finally receive the 6-bottle case of your very own
‘Perle*’ vintage, that you contributed to bring to life. Enjoy some well-earned free time during the afternoon.

This package is flexible, you can participate in the activities offered or not, simply let us know the day before so that we can better organise your stay.

* For any other pure cane white rum, please contact us for information on product availability.

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