Agricultural and artisan rum

Bête à Feu, our last creation, is a white agricultural rum distilled from single-pressed fresh canes.

The long hand cut canes are transported to the three-roll mill of our A1710 distillery, located at the Habitation du Simon in Le François, Martinique. They are pressed only once to extract their nectar.

Distilled in a copper still with a 7-tray column, Bête à Feu is then slowly reduced at 50.9%.

Bête à Feu and Punch Blanc

Bête à Feu, ‘Bêt à Fé’ in Creole and for those in the know or even ‘Luciole’ (firefly) for the more scientifically minded.

In the West Indies and Martinique, the traditional punch Blanc (white punch) is a real institution and an integral part of the regional culture.

If you drink it upon waking, it will be called ‘decolaj’ or ‘mise à feu’ (take off and ignition). At 10 o’clock in the morning, served neat, it might simply be dubbed ‘feu’ (fire), and at noon, with the addition of a hint of sugar and a twist of lemon, your white punch might be named ‘ti feu’ (li’l fire) or ‘5%*’.

What better than a Bête à Feu to see you through all these tasting experiences?

This white rum combines sweetness for neat consumption, character for a quality white punch, and a burst of flavour to enhance your cocktails.

* ‘5%’, the name used to describe the traditional white punch made from 95% white rum and 5% sugar.


Bête à Feu boasts a bright and clear colour.

On the nose, aromas of ripe pressed sugarcane, flowers and luscious tropical fruits evolve into a mineral character underlined by a hint of citrus. A smooth and intense ensemble.

In the mouth, we are transported by floral and fruity flavours combined with cane juice.

A very round rum that delivers a beautiful lingering finish rich in mineral notes.

Distilling methods:
copper still
fitted with a seven-plate column

Alcohol content: 50.9°
Volume: 700 ml